I will Post Your Guest Blog to Buzzfeed

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I will Post Your Guest Blog to Buzzfeed. I opened a guest posting service to the most popular website with millions of views per month from countries like; United States, Canada, United Kingdom, New Zealand, Australia.

The website I mean is Buzzfeed.

Buzzfeeed, with PA73 and DA93, where you will get a dofollow linkback from the photos or images that you include for guest posts on Buzzfeed.

What do you need to consider before ordering this guest posting service?

  1. Prepare your article, with a length of 500 words. Articles must be original. You can order it through Fiverr.
  2. Include one picture from your website. Make sure the image comes from one of the posts on your blog that want to get a backlink from Buzzfeed.
  3. Click the order button below this article. After making a payment through Paypal, you will be down to a special page to submit your article.
  4. How to submit articles. Upload (to google drive) your article (*.docx) with an image (*.PNG or *.JPG) and the url of your blog that wants to get a backlink from Buzzfeed, where the url is the source of the image that you include in your article.
  5. Write your order information. Make sure the e-mail title is with "Buzzfeed Article Order". And make sure you also include the google drive url of your article that was uploaded there so that I download it and prepare the article for publication on Buzzfeed.
  6. Use your Paypal Email. Make sure that the email you use to fill in your order information with your email or paypal account. This is to make it easier for me to process your guest posts on Buzzfeed.
guest posts to buzzfeed

Post your guest posts to buzzfeed, one of the most popular authority site in the world.

Read this important rule:

  1. Articles must be original. I will only accept original articles to be published on buzzfeed. The maximum length of the article is 500 words.
  2. Use of images. You may use an image from one of your blog posts. But make sure the image is your own. Or if you use images from google images, then make sure the image is on permission to use that can be modified. And the image is in your blog post which will be given a backlink from Buzzfeed.
  3. Link to another website authority. Make sure your article is also given a link to at least 1 other website authority. For example; wikipedia or buzzfeed or google support or another web authority of your choice.
  4. Article Posting Schedule. I will only post 1 guest post per day to Buzzfeed. If there are 10 articles in the post queue, then I will post them scheduled according to the queue order.
  5. Your report. I will immediately report to you via email, if your guest post article has been published by Buzzfeed.

Order now.
...and get a dofollow backlinks from Buzzfeed.
Google will like your website for the long term.

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Your suggestions or questions, about this buzzfeed guest posting service, please submit via the comment form below this article.

How to Pick a Topic for Your Essay

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How to Pick a Topic for Your Essay. If you have not been given a topic, then the whole world is before you. Sometimes that makes the task start to be more intimidating. Actually, this means you are free to choose topics that are of interest to you, which will make your essay stronger.

Determine Your Goals

The first thing you have to do is think about the purpose of the essay that you must write. What is your goal to persuade people to believe like you, to explain to people how to complete certain tasks, to educate people about some people, places, objects or ideas, or something else at all? Whatever topic you choose must be suitable for that purpose.

Brainstorming Subjects of Interest

After you determine the purpose of your essay, write down some of the subjects you are interested in. No matter what the purpose of your essay is, many topics will be suitable.

If you have trouble thinking about a subject, start by looking around you. Is there something in your environment that interests you? Think about your life. What is the most time you spend? That might be a good topic. Don't evaluate the subject; Just write whatever comes to mind.

Evaluate each potential topic

If you can think of at least a number of appropriate topics, you should consider each one individually. Think about your feelings about the topic. If you have to educate, make sure it's a subject that you really know well. If you have to persuade, make sure it is the subject you are least interested in. Of course, the most important factor in choosing a topic is the number of ideas you have about that topic.

Even if there is no subject that you think looks very attractive, try only choosing one to work with. This might be a better topic than you think.

Before you are ready to continue the essay writing process, look again at the topic you have chosen. Think about the type of paper you will produce. Is that a general description, or a specific analysis of the topic? If it has to be an overview, then you might be ready to move to the next step. If that has to be a specific analysis, make sure your topic is specific enough. If it's too general, you should choose a narrower subtopic to discuss.

For example, the topic "ASIA" is common. If your goal is to write an overview, this topic fits. If your goal is to write special analysis, this topic is too general. You have to narrow it down to something like "Language in China" or "Chinese Culture".